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K11 Security Engineering Pte Ltd was set up in 2008 to provide quality security protection and private investigation services. We have put in place standard operational and business processes to understand and provide quality service according to current market demands. Our team of security experts comprises of professionals, with many years experience from the Singapore Police Force and other uniform services.
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CONTRACT PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION A fully effective security service from Day 1 will be planned and achieved through a detailed Implementation. Each contract has its own special requirements, we understand that each contract can vary and often requires a different planning.

ASSIGNMENT MANAGEMENT We will draft service standards and operation procedures for our security officers to adhere to. Our security officers will be deployed earlier at the site for training before full deployment to ensure that they are armed with the knowledge and requirement before commencement of actual duties.

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SECURITY AUDIT, SURVEY AND TECHNOLOGY (SYSTEM) CONSULTING We have a wide range of products that we will recommend suitable for your site and ensure you will gained maximum protection value for your money and properties. We conduct audits and surveys to test your current security status and from our wide range of security services, we will provide the very best that is most suited for you.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION Clients can engage us on conducting discreet enquiries and investigation as and when required. We will conduct all investigation professionally and in accordance to the requirement of the laws stipulated not only in Singapore but include overseas worldwide with our established networks to serve you better.