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K11 Security Engineering Pte. Ltd. was set up in 2008 to provide quality security protection and private investigation services in Singapore. We are organized with standard process in place to understand and service current market demands. Our team of security experts comprises of professional with many years experience from the Singapore Police Force and other uniform services.

Our objectives are to excel in the profession through quality manpower, selective hiring, professional training, and extensive supervision. Our experienced in various government and private Organizations prepared us on what current needs are.

We provide security consultancy services for a variety of applications. These include, assessing your current security for quality, security risk advice & assessments on security protocols to improve security procedures. We also consult on numerous issues relating to security for example, a full - proof building access control system, for high security applications, surveillance camera and control room setups, physical protection of a building, property, electronic protection, and hardware locking. Our security guards are highly trained and we have a very capable response team.

DIRECTOR ( Business Administration & Marketing):
Mr Sivalingam is a Ex- Senior Security Executive from Certis Cisco. He has more than 20 years of Senior management in MNC ( IBM, Hitachi), Development and Engineering environment including Inhouse Security Activities.